Waldorf Doll Making Series Introduction

Waldorf Doll Making University introduction


The Waldorf Doll Making University, is a series of posts I have written in order to help people who are taking their first steps in Waldorf Doll Making.

Everything you  wanted to ask about Waldorf and Natural Fiber Art Dolls, and didn’t dare ask, sort of a thing.

Over the years, I have been approached by many who are thinking of making these magical dolls, or beginners, who needed some advice.

Bearing in mind my own first steps in this wonderland, and how frustrated I felt because I could hardly find online resources, I thought I would try to compile a small knowledge base.

The Waldorf Doll Making University is NOT an academic course, nor is it a real University.

One cannot ‘enroll,’ and there are no tuition fees.

In these posts you will find answers to questions  I have been asked over and over again. A Waldorf Doll Making F.A.Q [frequently asked questions.]

What are Waldorf dolls?

How to make Waldorf Dolls ?

What are the different methods used to create Waldorf Dolls.

How to make Waldorf Dolls Hair,

How to create a Sculptured face for a Fiber Art or Waldorf doll



What supplies you should use to make Waldorf dolls,

How to choose those supplies,

Where to get those supplies.


Tools { Coming soon } 

What tools should you use to make Waldorf dolls,

How To choose these tools,

Where to buy these tools.



A review on a few Waldorf doll making books.


I hope you find it helpful. I would love to hear your comments, reflections and ideas, either in the comments area below this post, or by email. [louiebebe [@] louiebebe.com]

Thank you,