Miss Charlotte: A needle felted, Waldorf doll


Miss Charlotte, a Needle felted, Waldorf doll


Needle felted fiber art doll Miss Charlotte, by Louie Louie Bebe

       The many faces of Miss Charlotte

Louie Louie Bebe Sculptured, needle felted doll

      Sometimes, she lets her hair down


Needle felted fiber art doll Miss Charlotte, by Louie Louie Bebe

                 A flower in her hair

Needle felted fiber art doll Miss Charlotte, by Louie Louie Bebe


Miss Charlotte is getting ready to go home.


Miss Charlotte, a 16″ Needle felted Waldorf doll, is a labor of love, and according to my son, she took no less than a million hours to make. I take my time with my dolls. Sometimes, a doll looks ready, but I feel that she is not, and have to let her age, like good wine,  in the studio, until I find the ‘it’ factor, that completes her.

Miss Charlotte’s beautiful face were sculptured, following the Waldorf technique, and meticulously, painstakingly  even,  needle felted, to enhance some features, like her chin, nose and cheeks.

I love needle felting, but it does take a long time, especially if you are constantly interrupted by little people, phone calls, and silly household chores. The other thing nobody tells you about needle felting, is that those needles are very, and when I say very, I mean very, with a capital OUCH, sharp, and these felting needles are vicious, and when they find an innocent doll maker, they pinch and they hurt. Exclamation mark.  I don’t know about you, but when I am attacked by vicious sharp needles, I tend to bleed (how weird is that?!) and that means I have to stop my work and get a band aid, and drown my pain in dark, sweet coffee, which means I have to stop working.

Which is another excellent excuse for taking so long to complete my needle felted dolls.  (…and then the dog ate my homework.)

Her eyes and her lips were hand embroidered, and I used a wax tint to color her cheeks, elbows and knees. Her hair is a natural Yak weft, shampooed and styled. It is a perfect length to style, as you can see in the pics.

Charlotte is a bit slimmer than most of my dolls, but  has a cute butt, elbows and knees.  Also, unlike most of my dolls, who show off their cute little outward belly buttons, Charlotte has a sweet inward belly button.

Her wardrobe pics and description, and more detailed pics of Miss Charlotte, will follow in a few days.

I also have not decided yet how she will find her new home: either a short auction, (I am not sure I can handle the stress of a regular auction,)  or comment style.  How would you like to see her go? What is your preferred way of buying dolls?

Anyway. I need to get cracking with lunch, else my family will fire me!





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Louie Louie Bebe Sculptured doll

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