Waldorf dolls: Miss Rusty’s photo-shoot

Waldorf doll Miss Rusty by Louie Louie Bebe

Last night I suddenly realized none of the pics I took of Miss Rusty were on my camera. After some hair pulling, moans, groans and other manifestations of horror and dismay, I noticed my daughter, my pride and joy, was playing with my camera. A short investigation later, the following details were disclosed:

  1. Her brother gave her the camera for keeps.
  2. She thought it was hers
  3. She deleted all of the photographs that were there
  4. It’s her brother’s fault

I turned my long, grim face towards my other pride and joy, also known as ‘The Brother.” He gave me one of his radiant smiles and reassured me that:

  1. He thought it was his camera.
  2. He wants a new camera.
  3. Our cameras are both black, which is confusing.
  4. He wants a black camera, but I should get a red one.
  5. He gave the camera to his sister because she wanted it.

So, no pictures of poor Rusty.

I was too tired to take photos at night, so I crawled to bed chanting ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow..’ in a feeble voice.  Unfortunately, Tomorrow came much too early, and I was totally uninspired, so I let most of the day pass.  The kids were very helpful and caused such mayhem, that I  couldn’t sneak into the studio even if my life depended on it. Luckily, after taking Sophia to a friend and Luca to a movie, things were a little calmer. Are you still with me?

Miss Rusty was a little camera shy, but I think it only made her look sweet.

Miss Rusty is looking for a new mama

Waldorf doll Miss Rusty's blue dress

Here she is wearing her new boots, her underwear, and a sweet little smile.

Miss Rusty, Waldorf doll by Louie Louie Bebe

Here she is with most of her clothes, scattered around her.

Waldorf doll Miss Rusty, by Louie Louie Bebe, wearing her playful attire

I love her yellow top. Not sure I’d wear all these clothes together, the way she does, but it looks adorable on her, and you really have to respect a girl like Rusty, who has a very personal, definite sense of style.

More pics, soon.