My luxurious Vacation Resort

Is it just me, or are the days keep getting shorter and shorter for you, too?

At night, in those precious moments before falling asleep, I go through endless ‘to do,’ lists, compose beautiful, witty, heart felt posts, create pretty dolls..and in the clarity of this half dream phase, I promise myself that tomorrow I will be more organized, and get some of these things  actually done.


My Luxury Resort Vacation Studio
Wake Up You Sleepy Head


The next day, I find myself running around my tail again. Grocery shopping, cooking, organizing the house, taking the children to their extra curricular activities, running errands, washing mountains of laundry, sorting out the socks, and praying for a little free time. In the evening, I collapse on the sofa, panting, with no energy left to do anything. Often, I fall asleep in Sophia’s bed, after reading a story together, and wake up drowsy and confused in the early hours.

Not that I’m complaining.

My idea of a good vacation is getting a lot of sleep, and then locking myself in the studio. I don’t need a trendy resort, shopping, or fancy restaurants. I just want to WORK, fer cryin’ out loud! Is that too much to ask?


Louie Louie Bebe's Oasis: Studio Luxurious Resort
         The Oasis : My studio



My resort in within reach, but I still cannot seem to get there. I’m like Moses and The Promised Land.

I can see it down the hall, but when I take just one miserable step, something happens. Either there’s an uncalled guest at the door, or the kids are slaughtering one another, (or at least making it sound as if they do, ) or there’s a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Perhaps I need to fake NOT wanting to get into the studio, and then the Universe will let me sneak in. I don’t know.

Maybe my kids will marry young and have children late, and I’ll have a few years of quiet. I’ll move into the Studio and I won’t go out at all, until someone tells me I’m a grandma and need to babysit.

Although with my luck, my kids will stay at home and just bring in their spouses..

Not that I’m complaining.


My Luxurious Vacation Resort: The Promised Land is right there..why can't I get there?
             Moses and The Promised Land



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